Migration Health

Migration Health 

IOM Sri Lanka’s Migration Health Unit functions in all three of the following programmatic areas of migration health:

Migration Health Assessments and Travel Health Assistance

The IOM Migration Health Unit possesses the capacity to carry out health assessments for various categories of migrants. These include resettled refugees, migrants and displaced persons, either before departure or upon arrival.

This activity facilitates the reduction and management of the potential public health impact of human mobility on migrants, receiving countries and host communities.

In line with the National Migration Health Policy, IOM conducts migration health assessments and gives technical assistance to the MoH in developing standards for pre-departure health assessments. IOM offers direct access to health assessments for inbound and outbound migrants. These migrant-friendly health assessments are conducted at IOM’s dedicated health assessment facility, established in 2014 in Colombo. Adhering to international best practices, the centre currently provides pre-departure health assessment services to Sri Lankans immigrating to the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Malaysia. This includes the early detection and management of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

This programme has the potential to expand based on the requirements of other receiving countries.

For further information, please see Migration Health Assessment Centre.

Strengthening Border Health Systems

One of the priority areas identified in the National Migration Health Policy for early implementation under the key strategic area of inbound migration is the strengthening of core capacities and quarantine activities at Sri Lankan ports of entry. Cross-border migration is increasingly becoming a challenge to the health authorities. With IOM’s assistance to the Ministry of Health (MoH), a comprehensive border health system was launched in 2013 to minimize the risk of the cross-border transmission of disease. 

Building upon this formative phase of developing SOPs, IOM will be supporting the updating of the SOPs by the Department of Quarantine Ministry of Health


For further information on Migration Health in Sri Lanka, please see www.migrationhealth.lk