Safe Migration Campaigns

Safe migration is a key concern of Governments and migrants across the world. IOM works to address the issue in Sri Lanka under its Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) Programmes. The Safe Migration Campaign aims to reduce the incidence of irregular travel overseas and thus reduce the risks of irregular migration. IOM provides information to communities in areas with a high incidence of irregular migration, enabling potential migrants to make more informed choices before they embark on a journey. 

Many potential migrants and their host community members have told IOM that they were not aware of the difference between regular and irregular travel. Some were not even aware of the legal documents required for employment overseas. The safe migration campaign is designed to create awareness and sensitize potential migrants of the dangers and disadvantages of irregular migration and to provide information on regular and safe migration. Together with assistance for returnees, IOM provides support for communities in areas where there is high prevalence of returnees or irregular migration. The programmes were conducted with the active support and participation of relevant government agencies such as Divisional Secretaries, PHI officer from the Ministry of Health, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment field offices, retired police officer from the training institute, and a Child protection Authority officer from the National Child Protection Authority office in the different field offices.