Operations and Migrant Services

The Operations & Migrant Services (OMS) unit of IOM Sri Lanka is responsible for the provision of resettlement and visa support solutions for immigrants, refugees, immigration and consular departments, diplomatic missions, resettlement entities and visa applicants related to temporary or permanent migration. 

For more information, please see the OMS Programme Overview.

The Operations and Migrant Services (OMS) unit can be contacted by:
Phone: 0115-933333 

Immigration and Visa Support Solutions (IVSS)

Drawing upon its expertise and experience of over 60 years IOM provides Immigration & visa Support solutions to governments and migrants upon request.

For more information, please see IVSS Fact Sheet.

Also, see the One Year Snapshot.

Resettlement Services

As part of its global contribution to migration management, IOM fosters refugee integration through comprehensive resettlement services. Article 1 of the IOM Constitution mandates the Organization to “… concern itself with the organized transfer of refugees, displaced persons and other individuals in need of international migration services for whom arrangements may be made between the Organization and the States concerned, including those States undertaking to receive them.” OMS conducts specialized services for all resettlement countries including the USA, Canada. New Zealand, Australia.

For more information, please see the Resettlement Services Fact Sheet.

Document Verification Service for Immigration New Zealand 

Applicants / Agents applying for visas (visit, student, work, business) to New Zealand and who are submitting their applications from Sri Lanka can avail this document pre-verification service from IOM, Please note that this pre-verification service is not a mandatory requirement by Immigration New Zealand.

Pre-verification Information for Visa Applicants from Sri Lanka 
All forms and information can be found here.

For further details please contact Operations & Migrant Services unit of IOM Sri Lanka at: SrilankaOperations-MigrantServices@iom.int

Document Verification Service for Immigration Italy  

With effect from 16th June 2014, The Embassy of Italy in Sri Lanka has designated the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to conduct verification of document integrity and authenticity of Sri Lankan nationals, applying for family reunion visas to Italy, to facilitate their safe and legal migration to Italy.

The IOM can be contacted as follows:

Operations & Migrant Services Unit
Migrant Health & Operations Center
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
No. 53C Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha (Green Path)
Colombo 03

Tel:                  0115 933333
Email:              idvsl@iom.int

Document Submission Time: 0930 to 1300hrs Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays).
Applicants can call for an appointment OR walk in during the above mentioned hours.

The IOM will charge a non-refundable service fee and the mandatory government charges for the conduct of verification of document integrity and authenticity of Sri Lankan nationals.

The Embassy of Italy informs all applicants that the verification of document integrity and authenticity is a necessary requirement of the visa issuance process and that their failure to comply with the instructions of IOM may lead to rejection of the application.

Canadian Orientation Abroad (COA) 

The Canadian Orientation Abroad Project (COA) is a world-wide and official pre-departure orientation project funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In order to facilitate the transition of new immigrants to Canada, the Government of Canada has contracted the International Organization for Migration ( IOM) to deliver pre-departure orientation seminars to all migrants accepted for settlement to Canada. These one-day seminars are sponsored by CIC and have been specifically designed for your needs. In the seminar, participants will learn about the nature of the Canadian society, common problems of adaptation faced by newcomers, the rights and obligations of immigrants, the Canadian health and education systems, how to find a job, how to look for a place to live, the cost of living, and facts about the city and province in which you plan on settling.

For more information, please see the COA Brochure

CIC expects that all successful applicants will avail themselves of this service. Only persons already accepted for immigration are eligible to attend (These seminars are available for applicants referred by the Canadian High Commission / Visas already granted)

Please contact the IOM Office during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 8: 30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Register through one of the following:
1. ON-LINE : www.iom.int/COA-LK
2. E-mail : COAColombo@iom.int
3. SMS : 0773 856 434 (Text only)

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