Community Based Reintegration (CBR)

Community Based Reintegration programs through AVRR has supported more than 40 CBR projects in the Northern, Eastern and Southern Provinces. This initiative was to mainly provide support for small scale productive infrastructure development.

IOM believes Returnees can only be truly empowered within their own communities if their future is supported by the host communities and local-level decision making, developing socio-economic support networks. IOM’s community-centered approaches are sensitive to gender and the special needs of marginalized groups, including the economic and social challenges that may be faced by returnees. Since decision making processes on livelihood development are made inclusively by the communities themselves, they are also sustainable.

The activities have assisted more than 1800 direct beneficiaries and more than 7900 indirect beneficiaries by 2013. The coordinated approach was designed to boost the economy of communities and individual livelihoods through infrastructure development, provision of equipment and vocational training.

The AVRR unit conducts institutional capacity building training to CBOs (project partners) with the support of selected service providers, and provided office furniture, transport facilities and machinery for ensuring the sustainable benefit of the projects. In addition to the training, IOM staff conduct safe migration awareness for the project beneficiaries. The awareness involves intense discussions, presentations, real life incidents and distribution of leaflets. The sessions are usually lively and give IOM the opportunity to address many safe migration related questions from the villagers.